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Steve Christofferson: Music

tracks 1 - 4 from "To the Last Holdouts"

(Jeff Cumpston, drums - Tom Wakeling, bass - SC, keys)

1. Bouyadot

(Bob Newman, tenor - Tod Carver, guitar)

2. Seattle Blue

(Jay Koder, guitar - Jeff Homan, tenor)

3. You Can't Do It Alone

(Jeff Homan, alto - Jay Koder, guitar)

4. To the Last Holdouts

(Jay Koder, guitar - Jeff Homan, tenor)

tracks 5 - 8 from "Skol Brothers"

(Tod Carver, gtr - Jeff Cumpston, perc - Tom Wakeling, bs - SC, keyboards)

5. El Paso Expreso

(Jeff Homan, tenor)
for Lawrence Williams

6. Mississippi

(John Gross, tenor)
for the girl driving the Camaro

7. From The Skies Of April

(John Gross, tenor)
for Rikki

8. Skol Brother

(John Gross, flute)
for Alan Jones, Booker Little, and the Mystery Bird
engineering & mixing all tracks on "To The Last Holdouts" and "Skol Brothers" by Bob Stark
Jeff Cumpston (1956 - 2009) our brother

tracks 9 - 10 from "Straight Into Your Heart"

(Nancy King & SC with The Metropole Orchestra)

9. Blue Beach

(SC composer, piano, melodica - Nancy King, vocal)

10. Straight Into Your Heart

(Lawrence Williams, music - Marilyn Smalls, lyrics)
Straight Into Your Heart and Blue Beach arranged and conducted by Rob Pronk; session produced by Fritz Bayens for NPS

track 11 from Brad Mersereau's "Autumn Waltz"

(Brad Mersereau et al)

11. Outta Town

(SC composer, piano - Paul Brainard, dobro - Dave Captein, bass - Reinhardt Melz, drums)

12. Bonus Track from Skol Brothers

(John Gross, Tod Carver, Jeff Cumpston, Tom Wakeling, SC composer)
for Jeff